B2ST First Full Length Album : Fiction and Fact Album

The Fiction and Fact Album is the very first full length album published by the K-Pop boy band group B2ST on March 7, 2011. It’s undeniable that this album has paved the way for the boys to the limelight of the K-pop Music industry. It contains a total number of 10 songs composed of orchestral new version of the title track Fiction, Freeze which is written by one of the bands’ member – Yong Jun-hyung other 7 new songs and another new version of Lightless.

Despite of the great improvement B2ST developed through out the years and maple numbers of albums and new songs released, still this album is one of a kind and can be considered as the best among the rest for it serves as a breakthrough to their career and brought them at the peak of the Korea’s Music Industry.

The Fiction and Fact Album Tracklist

The very main reason why Fiction and Fact Album garnered great admiration and fanaticism from the fans is because of the great emotion the songs are infused of! Despite of the short running time of the album, the emotion what the boys wanted to entail through the songs from the album was perfectly delivered! The best part of it is that, almost all of the songs from this album is written by one the B2ST member Yong Jun-hyung himself.

Tracklist Review:

1. The Fact

Lyrics written by Yong Jun-hyung, Tiger and Gyu Seong. The vibe of this song gives the audience a taste of melodic and marvelous beats. This song is indeed by far the best.

2. Fiction

Lyrics by Yong Jun-hyung, Tiger and Gyu Seong. Fiction is infused with great depth of emotions as it tell of a love they wanted to cling to. The charming and relaxing melody of the song lies from the piano, another orchestrated version of this song is also included in the album.

3. Back to you

Lyrics by Yong Jun- Hyung, Seo Yong bae and Seo Jeo Woo. The marvelous music structure of the song Back to You landed a great hit to the fans due to its indulging dancing ballad beat.

4. You

Written by Yong Jun-Hyung, Choi Gyu-seong and Rado. You gives out a sweet and sorrowful atmosphere. This song showcased the boy’s singing prowess as it focused more on their voices more than the loud sounds.

5. Freeze

Lyrics by Yong Jun-Hyung. This song from the album is by far my favorite! What makes this song interesting is that it was actually written and arranged by Yong Jun-Hyung! one of beast’s member, he made this song as a thank you gift to all the b2st’s fan base for the big time support and love.

6. Virus

Lyrics by Yong Jun-Hyung, Nang-ee and Beom ee. Virus is imbued with a unique RnB qualities. Its’ minimal approach and unique music styles leads to its great hit.

7. Though I call

Written by Park Soo-seok and Marco. Just like the previous song Virus this song Calling You produces an RnB phase and sound as well.

8. On Rainy Days

Written by Yong Jun-Hyung and Choi Gyu-Seong. On Rainy Days is inspired by the seasons as it was released on actual Rainy Days. The Rap part is written by Yong Jun-Hyung in which it express the feeling of sorrow, it was reported that while the boys are recording this song, they cannot contain their emotions and eventually burst into tears in which the staff has the need to cut the recording multiple times.

9. Lightless (Unplugged Version)

Lyrics by Yong Jun-Hyung, Tiger and Choi Gyu-seong. An amazing reworked version of the past track, but as the saying goes by nothing beats the original, still the old version of this song has the most beautiful harmonization than this version of lightless.

10. Fiction (Orchestrated Version)

Written by Yong Jun-Hyung, Tiger and Choi Gyu-seong. The album ended with the orchestrated version of Fiction a rework version of the original one which is also included in the album.

Fiction and Fact Awards and Nominations

The B2st first full length album: Fiction and Fact made it to the 1st peak of the Golden Disc Award Album Division. Their title track Fiction won as the Song of the Year at the KBS Music Festival on year 2011. The album sold 90,000 copies and won as the recipient of the awards in Disc Bonsang, CeCi K-pop Icon Award and MSN international Award on 2012.

Yong Jun-Hyung Involvement in Writing Lyrics

As you can observe most of the songs inside the album are written and arranged by one of the B2st member Yong Jun-Hyung, this attest how amazing and talented he is in terms of music composition. Indeed he is not called as one of the Korea’s most talented music composer for nothing. The song Freeze in which it was primarily written and arranged by Yong Jun-Hyung is by far has the most wonderful lyrics in the album as it was written by him with the fan base on mind. He offers this song as a thank you gift for the undying support and love coming from the fans all over the globe.

Album Promotions and Performances

B2ST started promoting for Fiction and Fact Album on the Mnet’s channel accompanied by their performance on stage of their single “On Rainy Days” and title track “Fiction”. On their performance of “On Rainy Days” the stage was filled with loud booming sounds as they left the audience at awe as they perform it with realistic atmosphere with rain.

The K-pop boy band group has traveled all over the Globe to perform and had meet & greet with their fans. They have traveled across Asia. They performed in Hong Kong, Taiwan and China on year 2015. They also went on Japan and performed four times on consecutive years.

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